Inspiring women to master self love and live their purpose

If you could do anything in a year, what would it be?

Would you finally pursue your passion—the one thing you were born to do?  Would you start your own business? Would you fill that year with all the fun, personal growth and adventure you’ve been putting off?

No matter what your answers are, one thing’s for sure...

You would never plan for a broken heart. You would never plan for the insanity and insecurity that comes with toxic romance. But that’s exactly what you’ll find if you don’t master your relationship with you—if you don’t plan on making this your best year ever.

That’s why we recommend a single year. No dudes. No distractions. Just you, a plan, and the countless victories between now and day 365.

All you need is a plan to be successfully single.

Successfully Single

I’m Daniel, founder of YourSingleYear, and I was a hopeless romantic. I had one live-in girlfriend after the next, one breakup after the next. But after the last one ended, I lost it—the heartbreak broke me. Five girlfriends and nothing to show for it but an existential crisis (and a comfy spot on my Mom’s couch), I decided to take my life into my own hands. I committed to my first single year.

"My life began in my first single year...”

Since I couldn’t lean on another lover, I had to learn how to be a balanced human being on my own. Which involved a ton of planning.

I planned for the writing career I was passionate about. And in order to not burn out on that, I had to start planning self-love—which was a foreign concept. But the more I planned, the better I got, and the easier it became to follow through with all the things that made me feel whole: journaling, exercise, meditating, creative expression, fun time (!!!), career expansion—everything I needed to be my own coach, my own best friend.

"Today I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my single adventure and made a killer living as coach."

One year later I was a published writer for the best sites in the world, teaching readers how to be successfully single. Today I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my single adventure and made a killer living as coach. My single year has made me rich in every sense—physically, emotionally, financially. And I want to share that richness with you. That’s why this is YourSingleYear.

If you’re sick of underestimating yourself and selling yourself short—if you’re sick of settling for toxic relationships—then don’t waste another minute. 

Start YourSingleYear today.

Your Single Year Planner

This is the most elegant and simplified planner on the market. It has recurring goals for everything you need to be balanced and ass-kickingly productive: meditation, self-encouragement, regular exercise, affirmations, and journaling. It also has blank spaces for your career, hobbies, and learning goals. By checking these things off consistently, you’ll have mastered self-love in a year and prepared yourself for lasting love.

But the YSY planner doesn’t stop there—it guides you in setting yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals for your passions and purpose. Check out the screen shots:

Monthly Planning

Weekly Planning

Daily Planning

Last, we pair you with an accountability coach. No other site has any program like this. But we figured that accountability and coaching are important to your successfully single year, even if you can’t afford to spend $10,000 bucks. So we designed a short coaching course that teaches all of our members how to coach their YSY buddies—problem solved. $10,000 bucks saved.

Third, you’re included in an edgy-as-hell and ironical self-improvement community. YSY members aren’t afraid to cuss. We’re funny as f!$#@, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But we do take self-improvement seriously—so we have an online group where you can share your experiences and make friends with people who will support your highest self. We also have monthly webinars where your most important questions on singlehood and self-improvement are asked and answered.

This community will keep you inspired and on the edge of your comfort zone. And, as a bonus, you’re given access to exclusive content and interviews with the most successfully single people in the world—athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is making singlehood look as sexy as it is.

If you think $150 is a fair price for a brand-new life, sign up now. Be successfully single with us.